GMIS in the News

Read a great article about us in the Las Vegas Review Journal,   "Henderson company hopes to revolutionize process usually left to nuclear reactors"

Providing isotopes and production technology for medical, industrial and security applications

Global Medical Isotope Systems

Global Medical Isotope Systems (GMIS) is a company engaged in developing compact medical isotope systems that do not require a production reactor or a cyclotron to produce the isotopes. GMIS provides patented systems for the production of medical isotopes for the nuclear medicine and industrial imaging industry.  GMIS was founded in 2013 by former DOE and medical technologists to address the increasing shortage of medical and industrial isotopes.

Our Company


Our business is the production of medical isotopes and their support systems for the nuclear imaging and medicine industry.

By introducing our safe decentralized production system we answer the needs of the industry while complying with the nonproliferation objectives of the United States.

By moving from the huge infrastructure required for reactor-based production to our system where introducing a cheaper and more reliable supply to the nuclear medicine industry.