About the photo:
Imaging is Everything! (from left to right) Dr. Francis Tsang of Global Medical Isotope Systems (GMIS), Dr. Chris Deeney of National Security Technologies (NSTec), and Zane Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of GMIS, observe the electrically powered neutron source that generates isotopes for medical imaging in GMIS’s southern Nevada facility.  


Making isotopes, without making the problem bigger.

GMIS neutron irradiation facility at LV is a stand-alone 2.45 MeV neutron generator to demonstrate the production of Mo-99 and I-131 using non-enriched uranium material matrix. 

UNLV Chemistry Department, specifically the radiochemistry program, is supporting GMIS in the development and demonstration of fast radiochemistry to recovery and extract Mo-99 isotope from fission product solutions that are extracted from an non-enriched uranium blanket.
In addition, the GMIS neutron irradiation facility is planning to becoming a neutron activation analytical center in using prompt capture gamma-rays and activation by-product analysis to support nuclear forensic, ore and mineral quantification, and environmental sample and material purity studies.

GMIS also provides through it's subsidiary Manufacturing Sciences Corporation depleted Uranium (DU) products and services to government and commercial customers for defense, energy and physics research, and industrial and medical applications.  It also support engineering and prototype process development for customer’s uranium manufacturing needs.  Click the image below to find out more about MSC.

Global Medical Isotope Systems